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Leverage our global experience with technology in underground hard rock mines

Deployment Services

    • Onsite
    • Onsite
    • Onsite
    • Scope of Work document produced to capture system design, configuration and all items that affect the duration and time of the project.
    • Remote server software installation and configuration
    • Remote first tier technical support until system is commissioned
    • Go Live Demo: early demonstration on site of value realization, to get buy in from all stakeholders
    • Hands on training of local team to install the first few units to maximize the probability things are done right on first visit to location or equipment.
    • Official sign-off on commissioning of each piece of hardware installed, including pictures, to certify the system performs as per specification.
    • Results-based payments linked to on-site milestone presentations with live Q&A sessions.
    • Lower amount of rework and shorter project duration since installation of all components is always done right the first time.
    • Less work by the mine's staff as commissioning of the system by Newtrax is done at the same time as installation.
    • Higher level of knowledge transfer, with continuous Q&A done naturally as questions arise.
    • Minimum disruption to mine staff
    • Maximum quality of installation
    • Fastest installation time

* Onsite support for kickoff and final inspection prior to commissioning
** Customer does not have to do anything when Newtrax staff not on site. Newtrax staff always acompanied by mine staff when on site.
*** Customer only takes part in meetings and training. All installation is done by Newtrax staff working alone.

    • Step services 1- Scope of Work
    • Newtrax System Design
    • Receive the mine’s layout and overlay Ethernet and Leaky Feeder lines
    • Layout MineHop nodes to satisfy the mine’s applications
    • Hardware install / mount locations
    • Objectives and value proposition for each application
    • Step services 2- Install
    • Setup Central Server -> Gateways -> Nodes and application devices
    • Confirm that application devices communicate back to central
    • Step services 3 - Go Live
    • Enough of system working to show the application(s) working and systems level testing
    • Start of training and end user (office) use
    • Step services 4 - Commission
    • Sign off that all hardware is installed properly and training is complete
    • Mine is capable of deriving the value of applications purchased

Support Services

    • No support
    • Remote support
    • Remote +
      Service Levels
    • Hardware - Standard 1 year warranty (ends 18 months after shipping or 12 months after commissioning, whichever is earliest)
    • 24/7 call center for 1st tier technical support during commissioning
    • 24/7 call center for 1st tier technical support after commissioning
    • Upgrades: Mine wants Newtrax to keep their software & firmware on the latest version.
    • Logging of issues and a 3 tier escalation process.
    • System Warranty: Mine wants Newtrax to warrant that the system (hardware, software and installation practices) are such that the system will continue to deliver the value after commissioned
    • Proactive Support: Newtrax works with mine staff to detect any system issues and keep the system "as good as new".
    • Hardware Extended Warranty: Newtrax guarantees mechanical fitness to specs regardless or product age and protects customer against component level obsolescence.
    • Hardware - Fast track RMA process, with priority over customers without support contracts
    • Free Battery Replacements: Newtrax assumes the responsibility for the detection and purchase cost of replacement batteries.
    • Guaranteed turnaround time: Newtrax commits to specific metrics in terms of delivery of core support contract features.
    • 4x or more shorter turn around times on RMA's.
    • 5x shortened response by 2nd Tier.
    • 12x shortened response to production of a patch by 3rd Tier.
    • Financial penalties when service levels are not met