Newtrax - Vehicle Modem Tag
Mobile Equipment Devices

Vehicle Proximity Transceiver

— Model Number —NTX-PWS-VT-300

Device Highlights

  • Designed to enhance the situational awareness of operators in blind spots and strengthen their accountability for safe operation.

  • Simple and reliable installation with only one omnidirectional antenna.

  • LED-based user interface enables operator to confirm integrity of system at start of every shift.

  • Sub-GHz RF beacons for reliable performance in non-line-of-sight and obstructed operating environments.
  • Filters nuisance alarms based on context of operation.

Device Specifications

— RF-Based Detection —

RF front end
  • +3dBi remote magnetic mount antenna
  • 200 kHz channel centered at 919.6 MHz (default, configurable in factory)
  • TX radiated power: 1 mW (default, configurable in factory)
  • RX sensitivity for detection of beacons: -50 dBm to -100dBm (defaults optimized for hard rock mechanized mines)
  • Typical omnidirectional range in underground mines: 5 m to 100 m depending on RX/TX power levels configuration, antenna placement, tunnel dimensions and curvature, obstructions and rock type
  • Unique 32-bit identification number

— I/O Interfaces —

  • One 4-pin port with two electrically isolated digital inputs to directly monitor the on/off status of primary and auxiliary engines, via the ignition or oil pressure switch. Cable to monitor one engine to detect parked status is included.
  • One 4-pin port for power and RS-232 communications with the Newtrax Ultra-Rugged User Interface or Automated Machinery Shutdown Module. Cable sold separately.
  • One 3-pin port for RS-232 communications with the Newtrax Vehicle Modem & Tag Reader. Cables sold separately.

— Firmware Options —

  • MineProx transceiver

— Power Supply —

  • 7.25-36 VDC unregulated power (cable and accessories included)
  • Energy consumption: peak / maximum drain of 100 mA
  • Battery pack option for backup power for 3 to 6 months (typical)

— Physical Characteristics —

  • Operating temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC
  • Weatherproofing: IP65
  • Dimensions: 120 mm x 120 mm x 90 mm + Antenna + Connectors/Cables