Newtrax - Vehicle Modem Tag Reader Front
Mobile Equipment Devices

Vehicle Modem and Tag Reader

— Model Number —NTX-VM-200

Device Highlights

  • Mobile two-way data communications, all the way up to the face

  • RFID tag reader, can provide current location to onboard computers

  • Optional monitoring of ignition and oil pressure switch

    Device Specifications

    — Networking —

    RF front end
    • 915-928 MHz
    • +3dBi remote magnetic mount antenna
    • TX radiated power: configurable from 1mW up to 25mW
    • RX sensitivity: -100 dBm
    • 32 x 200 kHz channels
    • Typical omnidirectional range in underground mines: 50 m to 150 m depending on antenna placement, tunnel dimensions and curvature, obstructions and rock type
    • Typical omnidirectional range on surface: 50 m to 600 m depending on antenna placement and obstructions
    Spread Spectrum Protocol
    • TDMA / FHSS
    • Synchronization for communications: ad hoc, per link and distributed
    • Hopping speed: once per time slot
    • Hopping pattern: pseudorandom
    • Link level acknowledgements
    • 76.8 kbps data rate with effective link throughput up to 2.6 kbps (half duplex)
    Wireless multi-hop networking protocol
    • 16-bit network address
    • Mobile network discovery latency: seconds
    • Routing capability: to/from Central Server via nearest Gateway
    • [Min/Average] latency per hop: 150 ms / 500 ms
    • Unique 32-bit identification number
    • User configurable label set via Central Server web console

    — I/O interface to vehicle and 3rd party devices —

    • One 4-pin port with two electrically isolated digital inputs to directly monitor the on/off status of primary and auxiliary engines, via the ignition or oil pressure switch. Cables sold separately.
    • Two 3-pin RS-232 serial ports for two-way data connections with external 3rd party devices (e.g. maintenance data logger, production dispatch computer, proximity warning transceiver). Current location is also made available to these 3rd party devices via the RS-232 ports. Cables sold separately.

    — Firmware options —

    • MineHop mobile data modem
    • MineTrax tag reader
    • Real-time telemetry of engine status for ventilation on demand (optional)
    • Automated data logging of engine hour meters (optional)

    — Power Supply —

    • 7.25-36 VDC unregulated power (cable and accessories included)
    • Energy consumption: peak / maximum drain of 100 mA
    • Battery pack option for backup power for 3 to 6 months (typical)

    — Physical Characteristics —

    • Operating temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC
    • Weatherproofing: IP65
    • Dimensions: 120 mm x 120 mm x 90 mm + Antenna + Connectors/Cables