Central Server

Advanced Reports & Dashboards

— Model Number —NTX-CS-ARD


These analytical tools provide not only real-time insights of the most relevant indicators that drive underground mining performance but historical efficiency of your processes using interactive reports

Basically, data is imported from a wide variety of data sources. After you connect to a data source using an ODBC, you can shape the data to match your analysis and reporting needs.

IT Requirements

  • Newtrax System Configuration Software
  • Newtrax Data Warehouse & Standard ODBC Views
  • Licenses on the Newtrax IP templates when product purchased
  • Templates available on MS Power BI, tableau, Osisoft, etc.

— Benefits —

  • Track underground key drivers
  • Reports and dashboards can be consumed on different mediums (tablets, phone, computer)
  • Get Alerts when data changes
  • Everyone can create personalized dashboards
  • Additional reports and dashboards can be customized
  • Sharing information with team members and the stakeholders

— Features —

  • Easily assess your current underground production status with detailed information

Automated Report on Tons Hauled to Surface Per Day vs. Plan

Automated Report on Tons Produced per Day vs. Plan

Automated Report on Meters Advanced per Day vs. Plan

Automated Report on Production Meters Drilled vs. Plan

Standard Production Time Report

Analytics of Overall Face Utilization Efficiency (OFE)

Analytics of Overall Haulage Efficiency (OHE)

Cycle Report