Mobile Equipment Devices

Productivity Sensors Kit for Trucks


Starter Kit - NTX-PRO-TRK-YYY

NTX-PRO-TRK-YYY: Productivity Sensors Kit for Trucks includes (1) dumper bed Angular position sensor enabling the detection of dumping cycle.

For some brands & models we will use the OEM sensor, for other we will retrofit the MET Angular bed position sensor on the equipment cycle time.

  • If YYY=001: Truck Productivity Starter Kit: Bed Angular position sensor enabling the detection of dumping cycles

Advanced Kit - NTX-PPT-XXX-YYY

NTX-PPT-XXX-YYY:  Payload Advanced Kit for Trucks includes Dumper bed pins, rear framed load cells

  • If XXX=011: Advanced Payload Monitoring System – CAT (Retrofit)
  • If XXX=012: Advanced Payload Monitoring System – 3 Load Cell
  • If XXX=013: Advanced Payload Monitoring System – 6 Load Cell
  • If XXX=014: Advanced Payload Monitoring System – 4 Load Cell
  • If XXX-YYY=010-RLY: Add-on Kit – Relay Module
  • If XXX-YYY=010-SB1: Add-on Kit – Scoreboard Kit (1)
  • If XXX-YYY=010-SB2: Add-on Kit – Scoreboard Kit (2)
  1. Payload data is available in real time to the Truck Operator, LHD Operator and the Control room enabling maximizing every truck load.
  2. Alarming on Underloading, Overloading, Fatigue impact & Excessive Carry back.
  3. Solution is equipment brand agnostic (CAT- Sandvik, Atlas, etc) and it enable mine management to benchmarking their mixed fleet with industry standard KPI such has [Tn*KM/h] Load to load cycle time