Mobile Equipment Devices

Productivity Sensors Kit for LHD


Starter Kit - NTX-PRO-LHD-XXX

NTX-PRO-LHD-YYY: LHD Productivity Starter Kit includes (1) angular boom position sensor and (1) hydraulic lift cylinder analog pressure sensor that will allow us to detect when the vehicle loads a bucket and dumps a bucket. Can be upgraded to Advanced Kit – LHD Payload monitoring system – NewECO (NTX-PPL-004)

  • If YYY=002: NewECO ready

Advanced Kit - NTX-PPL-XXX

NTX-PPL-XXX: LHD Payload Advanced Kit includes  Payload Encoder, Angular Position Sensors, Pressure Sensors.

  • If XXX=001: Advanced Payload Monitoring System – LOAD RITE
  • If XXX=002: Advanced Payload Monitoring System – LOAD RITE (Retrofit Kit)
  • If XXX=003: Advanced Payload Monitoring System – NewECO
  • If XXX=004 Advanced Payload Monitoring System- NewECO (Retrofit kit)
  1. Payload data is available in real time to LHD Operator and the Control room enabling maximizing of every Bucket load.
  2. Solution is equipment brand agnostic (CAT- Sandvik, Atlas, etc) and it enables the mine management to benchmark their mixed fleet with industry standard KPI such has [Tn*KM/h], Load to Load cycle time
  3. Combined with Minehop or EPC Gen 2 tracking solution, the solution accounts for tons moved per material type at loading location & dumping location such as Ore Pass, Waste pass, Remuck & loading of Haulage Trucks or Conveyor belt system.