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Productivity Sensors Kit for Drills & Bolters


Starter Kit - NTX-PRO-DRL-YYY

The Drill/Bolter Productivity Sensors Starter Kit includes: (3) analog pressure sensors to track Percussion, Rotation & Feed pressure

If YYY=001: Drill/Bolter productivity starter kit 

  1. Solution is equipment brand agnostic (Sandvik, Atlas, Cubex, Maclean, etc) and it enables the mine management to benchmark their mixed fleet with industry standard KPI such has Holes drilled, Drill Cycle Time & Drilled meters,
  2. Decentralized data processing onboard enables drilling information to be available locally, and to be transmitted over any backbone, including narrowband communication links like leaky feeder and MineHop.
  3. Combined with Minehop or EPC reverse RFID tracking, the solution enables the control room to track progress in drilling for each development faces or active stopping area.

Advanced Kit - NTX-PDM-XXX-YYY

The Drill/Bolter Productivity Sensors Advanced Kit includes analog pressure sensors to track Percussion, Rotation & Feed pressure, and draw wire sensors

If XXX=001: Advanced Kit – Drilled Meter