Central Server

Newtrax Safety & Rescue Management Dashboards

— Model Number —NTX-CS-S&R


The Newtrax Safety & Rescue Management dashboards provide real-time statuses of sensors, as well as the movement and tracking of people and vehicles that are within coverage of the Newtrax Battery-Powered Wireless Network.

— Benefits —

  • Monitoring of ground, water, and gas
  • Control of fans and pumps
  • Tracking of people and vehicles on 2D mine maps
  • Evacuation notification management
  • Distress calls management
  • Man down management
  • Lone worker management

— Features —

Easily access the location of your current underground production assets on the Newtrax 2D maps.

— IT Requirements —

  • Newtrax System Configuration Software
  • 64 bits CPU;
  • Multi-core CPU;
  • Minimum 2 HDD 500GB in raid configuration;
  • Minimum 80 MB/s Disk Read Speed;
  • Minimum 40 MB/s Disk Write Speed;
  • 16GB of RAM; and
  • Certified for Linux Ubuntu Server 14.04.0 LTS 64 bit.


Sensor Reading Dashboards show you levels, values and other control readings captured from deployed devices

— Gas Detection —

— Pump & Fan Control —

— Geotechnical Readings —