Central Server

Newtrax Data Warehouse & Standard ODBC Views

— Model Number —NTX-CS-DW


The Newtrax data warehouse is an integrated and physically centralized data management system mounted on hardware optimized for mixed workload management and large-query processing. It achieves his goal by pulling data from various data sources (Mine planning software, Newtrax traditional system HVD, Isaac MRU) and placing them in a central storage area. The data extracted from diverse sources are related and transformed and the views that are created and are accessible via an ODBC connection by our reporting tools.  encompasses the business logic.


Streamlined data access.
by Creating a dataset of complex views to provide simple tables to access that data

Increase performance by separating reporting and operational processes.

Improving the availability of data and enable real time or near real time data analysis and reporting.

Newtrax data warehouse centralize and helps users providing a single version of data

IT Requirements

  • Newtrax System Configuration Software
  • ODBC compliant sources for Reporting
  • Repositories, virtualization and distributed processes for data management and processing.
  • Mine planning Software’s, Newtrax traditional systems and Isaac

— Additional Requirements —

  • 4 bits CPU
  • Multi-core CPU  (recommended)
  • Minimum 2 HDD 500GB in raid configuration
  • Minimum 80 MiB/s Disk Read Speed
  • Minimum 40 MB/s Disk Write Speed
  • 16GB of RAM  (strongly recommended)
  • Certified for Linux Ubuntu Server 14.04.0 LTS 64 bit