Why Measuring Loads Per Cycle is so Important in Underground Mining Part 2


In part 2 of our Q&A on Loads per Cycle, Craig talks about the advantages and benefits of using Mobile Equipment Telemetry systems and what the emerging technologies will offer.


Why Measuring Loads Per Cycle is so Important in Underground Mining Part 1


Glencore Matagami recently was able to increase their Loads per Cycle by 5% using the Newtrax Mobile Equipment Telemetry system. Why is measuring Loads per Cycle so important? We explore this KPI in an Q&A with Craig Banks, VP Canada USA at Newtrax


Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness in Underground Mines with Newtrax


Newtrax has enabled underground mines to improve truck effectiveness by calculating their current OEE to find areas of improvement and implementing real-time monitoring systems.


Join Newtrax at the Mining INDABA in Cape Town February 4-7


Newtrax is attending the 25th Anniversary Mining INDABA in Cape Town from Monday, February 4th to Thursday, February 7th, 2019.


How Data Collection and AI Will Change The Future of Mine Safety and Profitability


This AI Slide Deck prepared by Newtrax VP of Artificial Intelligence, Michel Dubois, shows how to create value with data collected in underground mines using Artificial Intelligence algorithms.


How to Calculate ROI for IoT and AI Solutions in Underground Mining


Every mining operation is different, therefore calculating ROI needs to be determined case by case. Even two mines utilizing the same mining method would have different variables to calculate what their ROI would be. ‘’We demonstrated that by getting just 10 more minutes of active drilling per shift per drill could increase net revenue by more than 1.2 million dollars a year”.


Sandvik and Newtrax partner to provide the most comprehensive digital offerings for the underground metal mining industry


Sandvik is proud to announce it has partnered with Newtrax, the global leader in wireless IoT for the underground metal mining industry, to deliver world-class mining safety, efficiency, and productivity to underground metal mines through digitalization.


[Video] Newtrax Helps Casa Berardi Mine Exceed Production Objectives by 4% in 2018

Since implementing the Newtrax MET system, the Casa Berardi mine has been able to quantify an increase of an hour per day of operations, meaning as much as 30 minutes per shift. Prior to their telemetry project with Newtrax which started in 2017, they would have to wait days before addressing intermittent equipment issues.


How Newtrax can help your journey with AI in Mining


“The mathematical model for underground mining that I have developed during my PhD studies provides the tools for optimization of mine planning given fixed inputs. The combination of machine-learning techniques with such a model will allow for a greater precision and reliability in these fixed assumptions.”


Newtrax and Sandvik Drive Digitalization of a Hindustan Zinc Mine

Sandvik and Newtrax have received a strategic order to implement a major digital transformation at a mine in India. It will be one of the most comprehensive digital offerings globally in the mining industry, enabling an integrated mine management solution for the entire mobile underground fleet.