Measuring Truck Productivity in Underground Mines

Globally, underground mines lose up to 30% of hauling efficiency due to lack of visibility.

In most underground mining operations, truck and LHD operators are unable to consistently load haulage trucks to nominal load capacity. The variables preventing consistent loading include the variation in the density of materials, rock size, and the differences between development and high-grade ore. Inconsistent loading means trucks only haul a fraction of what they have been designed for. Without real-time visibility, operators cannot take action to maximize the amount of material loaded into truck beds and they lack transparency in their hauling process.

Increasing Visibility, Transparency, and Productivity

Newtrax Truck Productivity Solution maximizes loading cycles by providing real-time visibility of the payload weight, enables transparency through reporting of accurate data. The result is increased productivity and an optimized haulage process

— Maximizing Load Capacity —

The best way to maximize load capacity is to use a compact vibrating wire sensing technology which can easliy be fitted to any truck found in an underground operation, enabling the operators of trucks and LHDs to maximize their loading cycle. This can be done using an internal and external payload display to ensure trucks are always loaded to capacity.

— Enabling Transparency Through Reporting —

Through the collection, monitoring, and analysis of data, operations management can achieve the transparency they need for the hauling process, have the ability to establish and enforce their hauling strategy (10-10-20), as well as ensure operators can meet their productivity targets and bonuses. Additionally, truck box size can be optimized to the tunnel, including the addition of an extention on top or adding a tailgate, without risking the opposite effect of overloading the haulage truck.

— Preventing Excessive Equipment Downtime —

The best productivity solutions are standardized for all trucks and do not require periodic calibration, reducing the need for specialized maintenance personnel to maintain the system or the need for long lead time custom components. Through consistent collection of data, premature wear and excessive equipment downtime can also be prevented.

The Solution in Action

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