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Real-Time Data from Goldcorp Éléonore’s Underground Fleets: Mobile Equipment Telemetry solutions for the Mines of the Future


Equipped with a system that can transmit raw data from sensors on its underground fleet in near real-time, a new horizon had opened up for Goldcorp Éléonore’s operations management team.


Innovating for Safety at Goldcorp’s Éléonore mine, with Newtrax Technologies


Goldcorp’s Éléonore mine is a benchmark in terms of Safety in underground mines. How did they get there? Establishing a very strong safety culture and adopting innovative technologies such as Newtrax’s Proximity Detection System.


Newtrax is Proud to be Sponsoring #DisruptMining to Support Innovation in Mining


Newtrax is proud to be sponsoring #DisruptMining 2018 this year to support innovation in the mining industry. Catch us on Sunday, March 4, in Toronto to meet with us and chat about the future of mining and digital transformation.


The Value of Maintenance Alarms: AEM Goldex Reduces Down Time and Saves Costs


Agnico Eagle’s Goldex underground mine has been using Maintenant Alarms via Newtrax MET solutions to increase predictive maintenance and increase productivity.


Newtrax Bore Pump Monitoring System Lowers Risk of Floods at Newcrest Toguraci Mine


Newcrest’s Toguraci underground mine uses Newtrax Bore Pump Monitoring system to lower the risk of flooding while reducing downtime when floods occur


Newtrax Mobile Equipment Telemetry (MET) Enables AEM Goldex to Increase Productivity


Agnico Eagle’s Goldex underground mine has been using Newtrax MET solutions for over two years to increase predictive maintenance and increase productivity.


Underground Mines Seek Business Value from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML)


Newtrax embodies an enthusiastic and diligent approach to working with those passionate about underground mines in order to learn how to harness AIML’s business value and opportunities despite the technology volatility.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Underground Mining


In the news, the exciting fields of Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) keep announcing breakthroughs around the world and in various industries.
The mining industry has also joined in and recently started to explore and seek the benefits of this new “general-purpose technology” with ML & AI enhancing safety and productivity in underground hard rock mines.


Infographic: The Benefits of Digital Transformation on the Mining Industry


In this infographic based on a recent white paper by World Economic Forum, we highlight the benefits that the mining and metals industry are predicted to observe in 10 years.


The Increasing Capability of Digital Technologies


According to a recent white paper by World Economic Forum, compared to other industries, especially customer-facing ones, the mining and metals sector is considered to have lower levels of digital utilization. However, For those organizations that can move from being digital laggards to digital first movers, the value is real.