Tracking the trends in mining for 2017

Deloitte recently published their annual “Tracking the Trends” article on the top 10 trends mining companies will face in 2017 and the results are interesting.

On the Digital side of things, the articles states that success in this space is not about adopting the latest apps and point solutions. Instead, they must embed digital thinking into the heart of their processes to transform their strategy in a bid to completely change the way corporate decisions are made across the enterprise.

To understand how this might look, it is helpful to envisage a future-state digital mining organization and infer how this might transform core mining processes, the flow of information and supporting back-office processes.

The also mention that companies will need to rethink the way in which they generate and process information. In essence, the integrated digital mine will improve planning, control and decision support across the mining value chain to optimize volume, cost and capex, and improve safety.

Insights will be derived by integrating data across three levels of analysis that map to three information time horizons:

  • Historical analysis and reporting at all organisational levels.
  • Real-time data visualization that combines operational data sources with corporate information
  • Predictive models and cognitive analytics that improve planning and reduce the need for reactive maintenance.

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