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Newtrax Celebrates Safety at Fresnillo PLC in Mexico

Newtrax Celebrates Safety at Fresnillo PLC mines in Mexico with Friends and Family

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Celebrating Safety

The Newtrax team in Mexico celebrated Safety at the Fresnillo PLC mines this week in a gathering of friends and families of underground workers.

Miners’ children attended the event where they were exposed to some of the equipment and technologies that ensure that their parents come home safe from work every day.

Newtrax showcased its flagship Proximity Warning system to the friends and families of the miners, and explained to them how it can prevent accidents from happening and ensures greater visibility of pedestrians underground.

Children wore the Personal Safety Devices on their helmets and tested out the features to better understand what keeps their parents and loved ones safe underground.

Health & Safety is Newtrax’s number 1 core value and events like these remind us of how valuable our jobs are to other people’s lives.

For more information on our underground Safety solutions please reach out to us at info@newtrax and we will gladly walk you through some case studies.

Patent MineHop Battery-powered wireless network infrastructure

Newtrax Awarded Patent from USPTO for Collision Avoidance & Proximity Warning

Newtrax Technologies Inc. awarded U.S. Patent for Collision Avoidance & Proximity Warning

Montreal, QC – March 28, 2016 — The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded Newtrax Technologies Inc., the leading provider of safety and operations management systems to the global underground hard rock mining industry, Patent No. 9,566,908 for “Context-Aware Collision Avoidance Devices and Collision Avoidance System”. The company’s patents on the invention date back to 2013.

Newtrax’s flagship MineProx system which is deployed on all continents is based on this patented technology which was specifically developed to reduce the risk of collisions between machines and pedestrians in underground hard rock mechanized mines.

Unique features protected by this patent which was also filed internationally (Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, South Africa, Russia, China and Australia) include:

  • Use of emergency buttons on cap lamps to request emergency stops from operators
  • Detection of unconscious man/woman down to request emergency stops from operators
  • Filtering of nuisance alarms from passengers in vehicles and pedestrians in safe zones
  • Filtering of nuisance alarms from parked equipment
  • System integrity monitoring process

“This US patent consolidates our global patent protection for the cornerstone technology of our safety systems” said Alexandre Cervinka, President & CEO of Newtrax Technologies Inc.

Newtrax’s current portfolio of global patents and patents pending include several innovations specific to safety and operations management in underground hard rock mines.