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Newtrax - Post Accident Network Probe

The most useful tool we hope you won’t need : The Post-Accident Network Probe

The most useful tool we hope you won't need

By Craig Banks, Regional Sales Manager, USA & Canada

The Post-Accident Network Probe


During my fifteen year tenure in mining, I’ve had the great opportunity to visit many mines around the world to discuss applications of different technologies. Lately, I’ve been focused on the capture and reporting of underground production data from the rock face, remote monitoring of underground mining sensors, proximity detection, and safety adherence specifically for underground hard rock mines. With the many offerings from Newtrax, there is a lot to talk about when I’m onsite.

One piece of gear that has been a huge talking point with mining clients is the post-accident network probe. Here’s how it works… with a Newtrax MineHop wireless battery powered network in place for personnel and equipment tracking, we can help mining companies measure workspace performance and monitor the location of their underground assets and staff in real-time. Our system is entirely self-sufficient and MineHop continues to operate during power outages – meaning you can signal your team via their cap lamps when other means are unavailable.

post-accident network probe scenario

In the case of a serious emergency – like a major collapse or a fire near an access point – miners retreat to refuges as communications links are often severely damaged or broken. When these accidents occur, it is critical to know where to rescue (miner locations), if the miners are okay (miner movement), and what are the gas levels and ventilation system conditions. It is also crucial to be able to establish communication with the trapped miners.

With a MineHop wireless network in place and broken backhauls, a Newtrax post-accident network probe can be lowered through ventilation raises or diamond drill holes to reconnect the network. The device can instantly take advantage of the Newtrax network self-healing capability and acts as a new backhaul link giving rescuers a direct link to invaluable underground data in support of rescue.

At Newtrax, ensuring our clients get value from their investments in our equipment is top priority. However, the post-accident network probe is the one tool that we believe every underground mine should have, but that we hope will sit on a shelf in the rescue operations center.