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Drills & Bolters productivity

Drills and Bolters Productivity Tracking

Drills and Bolters Productivity KPI's

Our vehicle telemetry solution can monitor drill and bolter activity, either by interfacing with the equipment’s existing sensor network via the CAN bus, or with the addition of an optional third-party sensor kit (ISAAC Drilling Stats Kit 1). It can recognize cycle patterns and provide important KPI’s such as:

  • Total cycle count (# of cycles)
  • Hourly cycle count (# of cycles / hours of operation)
  • Drilling depth (m)
  • Hourly penetration (m/hour)
Indisputable Point-by-point Data with Precise Time Stamps
Indisputable Point-by-point Data with Precise Time Stamps
Automated Event Log
Automated Event Log
Summary Report
Summary Report

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MineTrax: monitoring payload activities in real-time

MineTrax integrates with load scales

Newtrax is introducing a new feature in its MineTrax system for payload monitoring which allows the data generated from material being moved by loaders to be generated in real-time and stored in a database for analysis and historical data monitoring. This feature is key to optimize mine planning and to provide reliable production KPIs. 

Monitoring payload activities

With MineTrax, valuable time can be saved at each shift by automatically transmitting precise and accurate data about the weight and location of the loads directly to a unified database in the Newtrax central server. The ability to monitor payload activities in real time from the surface eliminates the risk of erroneous data and time wasted due to operator input both over radio and through manual log sheets. This captured data can be used at any time for analysis to optimize the production performance by providing insights on ways to reduce cycle time.

In order to be more profitable, mines need to increase the amount of ore being moved by tons per hour. The MineTrax system integrates with mobile equipment scales to ensure that every bucket load and truck load is full before being transported to its destination. This is done by using high precision onboard loader scales that relay information through Newtrax’s MineHop network to the surface about the quantity of material being moved from point A to point B as it is happening in real time. With the ability to accurately monitor the weight being transported, mine operators will be able to increase the loads to the maximum capacity and in turn be more efficient. If a mine’s cycle time is the same at 10 minutes, filling a bucket or truck by an average of 10% more has a significant impact on tons per hour and reduces cost. 

About Loadrite:

Newtrax’s MineTrax system integrates with Loadrite’s newest L2180 high precision loader scale. The integration with the L2180 is an aftermarket solution that can be retroactively installed on any make and model of LHD. The Loadrite scale measures the weight of the load automatically, without the need for the operator to press any button and does not require a 30 second wait time for the data to register, decreasing the delays in cycle time.

Also, with an automated and highly precise monitoring system such as MineTrax, the accuracy of the production data that mines publish on management reports and stock market updates will increase significantly.