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South32 Cannington

Newtrax Customers Increasingly Embracing Technology

Newtrax Customers Are Increasingly Embracing Technology As Part of Cost-Reduction Roadmaps

In a recent article published by The Australian Financial Review, chief executive of South32 Graham Kerr said that the Australian mining company is preparing to turn its razor-sharp focus on costs into a technology-driven productivity push which will result in a “quantum change” in how the miner operates.

“We think the focus now which will deliver the most value is around productivity and productivity will be probably driven by two platforms – one is around how we engage our people and get them to work more productively. The second element is I think the industry has not really embraced what digitisation and technology can do.” said Kerr.

“And somewhere like Cannington … we have cable bolts that are installed into the walls that automatically tell you how much tension they are feeling so you have real-time management to make effective decisions rather than making it based on judgment. And I think we are just scratching the surface of what possibility exists there.”

Asked to what extent these technological advances were expected to affect the bottom line, Mr Kerr said the company was only just readying to produce a “road map” of how it would approach technology.

“What I can tell you is I am not interested in spending money on the shiny new gadgets that don’t have a business case,” he said. “What we have always spoken about from day one is we have a big focus on value not volume and that will translate when we look at how we can use technology to be more productive.”

Read the full article here: http://www.afr.com/business/mining/coal/south32-to-embrace-technology-in-next-phase-of-cost-journey-20170217-gufdkx#

South32 Cannington
South32 Cannington

St Barbara Leonora Operations Selects Newtrax as its Mine Control and Resource Tracking Provider

St Barbara Leonora Operations Selects Newtrax as its Mine Control and Resource Tracking Provider

St Barbara Leonora

Brisbane, Australia – February, 2017 —  Newtrax Technologies Inc. (‘Newtrax’) – the leading provider of safety and productivity management systems for underground hard rock mines announced it has been selected by St Barbara Leonora Operations to supply and install a Mine Control and Resource Tracking System.

After conducting an extensive tender evaluation of several vendors, St Barbara will roll out Newtrax’s MineHop™ MineTrax™ and MineProx™ solutions as their latest Mine Control and Resource Tracking System.

MineHop, Newtrax’s flagship solution, is unique in its ability to provide wireless connectivity to the most critical part of the mining process: the face. This enables mine operators to identify in real-time the bottlenecks that could be preventing them from getting the face utilization they need to achieve maximum productivity.

MineTrax is an application that uses the RF signals from the MineHop network infrastructure and mobile terminals to determine the position of all people on foot (via the monitoring of cap lamps) as well as vehicles (through the monitoring of vehicle devices).

MineProx, Newtrax’s cutting-edge Proximity Warning System utilizes sub-GHz RF technology to create a peer-to-peer network of vehicles and miners. Not only will it give out proximity warnings, the system can also be used to alert bogger (LHD) operators that a truck is on its way even before it appears in its line of sight, enabling operators to prepare for the truck and improve mine production.


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