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Evacuation & Rescue

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Features & Benefits


  • Evacuation signal is sent over both leaky feeder and any MineHop network available.

  • Network coverage can be quickly and easily extended with MineHop.
  • Signal flashes the cap lamp light and/or high-intensity LEDs of standalone device, to get the worker’s attention.
  • Multiple cap lamp and standalone device options available.
  • Option of two-way acknowledgement via MineHop or MineTrax infrastructure.
  • Daily self-test every time the worker removes his cap lamp from the charger.
  • Post-accident network probe is designed to re-establish a backhaul link to surface with workers trapped in a section of the mine which has become isolated after a cave in or fire.
  • Since the MineHop network is 100% decentralized, wireless, battery-powered and self-healing, once the network probe is detected by a node in the isolated network segment, all nodes will re-route traffic through this new backhaul link to surface.
  • Probe fits in 2” borehole.
  • Custom-built RS-422 backhaul cable reinforced with steel enables use of winch with up to 3km of cable.

Value of solution

  • Faster than stench gas.

  • Not affected by gas masks.
  • Not everybody can smell stench gas, but everybody will notice a cap lamp light flashing.
  • Covers corner cases such as Alimak raises, exploration areas in older portions of the mine and other active working areas at the edge of the permanent communication infrastructure.
  • Awareness of who has received the evacuation message.
  • No limitation in depth.
  • Faster entry by rescue team empowered with updated post-accident information about personnel location, ground stability and air quality.
  • Two-way emergency communications, including option of two-way texting with terminals mounted in refuges or mobile equipment.
  • Maximum reachable depth not affected by type of soil.
  • No need to drop the probe close to the location of personnel. As long as the probe is dropped in range of one MineHop node, the information from all MineHop nodes in the area is available.


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