Newtrax Release 7.1

With this new release, Newtrax bolsters its asset tracking portfolio and expands its range of vehicle monitoring  reports.  Exciting new features include the VIMS integration, Zone Report enhancements, and Persistency of Activity Monitoring.

Caterpillar VIMS Guardian Vehicle Telemetry

The Caterpillar VIMS is a vehicle telemetry system that provides maintenance information to operators and services personnel about mobile equipment devices.  Newtrax provides an interface to the Caterpillar VIMS Guardian device via the Newtrax VMTR.

A VIMS tab will appear in the maintenance alarms panel of the VIMS-enabled mobile equipment devices, much like ISAAC-enabled devices.

The panel shows a list of all maintenance alarms (impeding or abnormal conditions) detected on that particular mobile equipment device within the specified date range.  A human-readable description of maintenance alarms is displayed in the panel, and raw values are also shown as extra details in the data panel.

7.1, VIMS

Persistency of Activity Monitoring

This feature keeps the server informed of the activities performed by a mobile equipment device (VMTR) while it is out of range.  The VMTR stores into memory the state changes of both isolated inputs while it is out of range, and sends them to the server when it comes back into network range, in order to update the activity graph.

This results in the unknown state (entered when the VMTR went out of range) collapsing into the actual state changes that occurred while out of range.  This feature affects both the activity graph (network > reports > activity) as well as the mobile equipment activity widget.

7.1, VIMS

Zone Report Enhancements

The Mobile Equipment Zone Report has undergone a number of enhancements for Release 7.1 such that zone tracking data:

  • can now be grouped by intervals of time for display (previously “group by” display was only available on a per mobile equipment basis).
    (aggregate zone report only)
  • can now be viewed in a newly available graph mode (group by time interval option only).
    (aggregate zone report only)
  • now distinguishes between measured and estimated payload accumulations on zone tracking within the zone (tracked inside zone), and also on zone tracking outside of the zone (single-zone cycle).
    (all mobile equipment zone report versions)
  • calculations on “single-zone cycle” mode statistics are improved for accuracy of the (new) measured and (existing) estimated payload totals.
    (all mobile equipment zone report versions)
Mobile Equipment Zone graph report for a given week, group by "day":