Newtrax Release 6.5

With this latest release, Newtrax is introducing a new hardware integration with Indus-Comm’s Wireless I/O Controller, additional support for MDT Geotechnical instruments, increased precision for the Map functionality and more.

— MineHop —

Hydrology & Ventilation

We’ve integrated with Indus-Comm’s I/O box to enable a slew of additional applications including Pump & Fan control with the Central Server. The I/O controller and the sensors are arranged in a way that allows you to regulate a variable at a setpoint, for example engaging a pump when the measured water level at a particular location increases past a certain threshold.

Indus-Comm I/O Controller

Ground Movement

We’ve increased the precision display for MDT instruments and is now rounded to the nearest *.25 increment to allow detection of smaller rock movements. All historic data will be updated upon server upgrade to show decimal precision.

We now support Heat at Toe Plated installations for MDT SMART Cable Bolt instruments.

We’ve added a new MDT instrument type: SMART Cable-SP

Before (No precision)
After (0.25 precision)

— MineTrax —

You can now select the number of zoom levels from a given range determined by the print size of an image for maps uploaded using single page PDF files. This will enable you to select deeper zoom levels for higher precision not possible in previous releases.

Increased zoom levels

— MineFace —

You can now customize and define each equipment activity by renaming both the Main and Aux isolated inputs in the Mobile Equipment Status tab.

Renaming inputs to hydraulic motor and drill