Newtrax - Post Accident Network Probe
Network Extensions

Post-Accident Network Probe

— Model Number —NTX-NWP-200

Device Highlights

  • Creates a new backhaul link to surface for MineHop-enabled devices in the isolated area of the mine where workers are trapped

  • Automatically and wirelessly connects to neighboring MineHop wireless nodes within 50 to 150 m of drop point

  • Fits in 2” borehole or any existing ventilation shaft/raise, manway, electrical/service hole, etc.

  • Custom-built steel-reinforced RS-422 cable enables use of long distance backhaul cables up to several kilometers

Device Specifications

— Networking —

RF front end:
  • 902-928 MHz
  • NMO antenna connector
  • +3dBi omnidirectional antenna
  • TX radiated power: configurable from 1mW to 25mW
  • RX sensitivity: at least -100 dBm
  • 64 x 200 kHz channels
  • Typical omnidirectional range in underground mines: 50 m to
    150 m depending on antenna placement, tunnel dimensions and curvature, obstructions and rock type
Spread spectrum protocol
  • Synchronization for communications: ad hoc, per link and distributed
  • Hopping speed: once per time slot
  • Hopping pattern: pseudorandom
  • Link level acknowledgements
  • 76.8kbps data rate with effective link throughput up to 2.6 kbps (half duplex)
Wireless multi-hop networking protocol
  • 16-bit network address
  • Ad hoc self-organizing and self-healing
  • Routing capability: any-to-any unicast, broadcast, and to/from Central Server via nearest Gateway
Internetworking port
  • 6-pin RS-422 port for connection to Gateway (communications + DC power)
  • 1 km cables with RS-422 repeaters sold separately
  • Unique 32-bit identification number
  • User configurable label set via Central Server GUI

— Firmware options —

  • MineHop fixed router
  • MineTrax tag

— Power Supply —

  • 3.6-9.0 VDC from RS-422 internetworking cable

— Physical Characteristics —

  • Operating temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC
  • Weatherproofing: IP65
  • Dimensions: 41 mm in diameter x 250 mm in length + Connectors/Cables
  • 1
  • 2
    Steel casing