Newtrax will be presenting at the SME 2018 Annual Conference

SME annual conference

Newtrax will be highlighted at this year’s edition of the SME Annual Conference on February 27 at 9:25 a.m. Room 101D

Today’s underground mining operations must optimize every step of the mineral extraction process in order to remain profitable in all market conditions.

At this year’s Annual SME Conference, Newtrax is excited to be presenting “Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness: Mobile
Equipment Telemetry in Underground Mining
” to showcase to our peers how the Newtrax Mobile Equipment Telemetry (MET) solution enabled an underground mine to quickly identify that their trucks were hauling average payloads which were significantly below the nominal capacity of their trucks.

Please join us on February 27th, at 9:25 a.m. Room 101D as we present the many ways that MET systems can make a direct impact on a mine operation’s bottom line by delivering near real-time data to managers about the overall effectiveness of their fleets.

Our VP of Canada & USA, Craig Banks,  will be presenting at the Conference. Please don’t hesitate to contact him to book a meeting or for any questions on how we can help increase productivity and safety in your mine.