Glencore’s Ernest Henry Mining Selects Newtrax Solutions

We are very happy to announce that Newtrax has been selected by Ernest Henry Mining, a Glencore company, to supply and install a Labour and Equipment Monitoring System.
Located 38 kilometres north east of Cloncurry in north west Queensland, Australia, Ernest Henry is an underground copper and gold mining and processing operation.

After conducting an extensive tender evaluation of several vendors, Ernest Henry will trial Newtrax’s MineHop™ MineTrax™ and MineProx™ solutions as their latest Labour & Equipment Monitoring System. MineHop, Newtrax’s flagship solution, is unique in its ability to provide wireless connectivity to the most critical part of the mining process: the face. This enables mine operators to identify in real-time the bottlenecks that could be preventing them from getting the face utilization they need to achieve maximum productivity. MineTrax™ is an application that uses the RF signals from the MineHop network infrastructure and mobile terminals to determine the position of all people on foot (via the monitoring of cap lamps) as well as vehicles (through the monitoring of vehicle devices). MineProx, Newtrax’s cutting-edge Proximity Warning System utilizes sub-GHz RF technology to create a peer-to-peer network of vehicles and miners. Not only will it give out proximity warnings, the system can also be used to alert bogger operators that a truck is on its way even before it appears in its line of sight, enabling operators to prepare for the truck and improve mine production. Once implemented, all three solutions will work in tandem to provide Ernest Henry Mining with valuable tools and information to improve operational performance.

“Newtrax is rapidly growing its footprint in Australia,” said Charlie Forrest, VP Strategic Accounts, Newtrax “given current market conditions, the selection by Ernest Henry reinforces the importance of Production and Safety Solutions to reduce bottlenecks and operational costs, and ensuring zero incidents in mines in the region.”

© Photo courtesy of Glencore