Newtrax Release 7.0

With this latest release, the biggest addition is the introduction of the Newtrax-Enabled Brando Personal Safety Device.

7.0 also includes a new payload feature for monitoring of load scales, the mobile equipment activity widget, a new look and feel for enhanced user experience and more.

Newtrax-Enabled Brando Personal Safety Device

The Brando PSD is the first device of its kind in the market to support a wide range of safety and production features including Proximity Warning, Location Tracking, Evacuation Notification and more.

  • 30% lighter, much brighter, wider spot, brighter outer ring
  • Improved LCD display for user interface
  • Three form factor options all utilizing one charging station: cordless, semi corded, and corded

— MineTrax —

MineTrax Payload Feature

The MineTrax system integrates with mobile equipment scales to ensure that every bucket load and truck load is full before being transported to its destination. This is done by using high precision onboard loader scales that relay information through Newtrax’s MineHop network to the surface about the quantity of material being moved from point A to point B as it is happening in real time.

With the ability to accurately monitor the weight being transported, mine operators will be able to increase the loads to the maximum capacity and in turn be more efficient.

— MineFace —

Mobile equipment widget

Mobile equipment activity can now be displayed as a dashboard widget with a graph option.

— MineHop —

External DC power on nodes

Wireless nodes can now be powered by AC or DC current as well as running off battery power only.

The input could be:
AC, range from 85 to 305 VAC;
DC, range from 4.5 to 18 VCD

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