Newtrax Featured in International Mining Magazine

Newtrax has an in-depth feature in the September edition of International Mining Magazine.  IMM is a leading publication in the mining industry, known for in-depth analysis of cutting edge technology and informed editorials.

Here’s an informative excerpt from the article:

“Recently, Newtrax, Conspec, and MDT collaborated at Glencore Kidd Operations to enable battery-powered wireless gas and geotechnical monitoring in active mining areas, with real-time data acquisition to a front end display on surface. This new capability has enabled Glencore Kidd to reduce post-blasting re-entry delays for underground workers, creating a more efficient mining process. Generally, mines rely on a fixed-time strategy to deal with the post-blast re-entry time.

Using the simple post-blast re-entry system mentioned, Glencore Kidd Operations was able to quickly set up various wireless sensors to remotely measure undiluted concentrations of different gasses (CO, SO2) from seismically active work areas, which along with geotechnical data has allowed ventilation and safety supervisory personnel to remotely determine when atmospheric and seismic conditions may be declared safe for a return to work while minimising the risks from these hazards to the safety personnel.”

All four Newtrax products are given a positive description.

MineProx, for example, is described as being “unique in it’s ability to reduce risk of collisions in underground mines by taking into consideration traffic as well as fixed hazards, especially in intersections.  Coupled with it’s Right-Of-Way patent-pending solution that reduces contention problems, MineProx offers a unique added value by not only enhancing safety in the underground mines but also optimising production.”

We are proud of our products, and extremely happy to have such an industry heavy-weight support our work.

Newtrax at MINExpo

Newtrax will be present at this year’s MINExpo in Las Vegas, Nevada, from Sept. 26th-28th.

Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team at to book a meeting and learn more about our offerings.  We look forward to meeting you!

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