Newtrax-Enabled Cap Lamp 'Man Down' Alert Saves Miner's Life

Man Down Alert Newtrax

On November 2, 2017, a contractor at Fresnillo’s San Julian mine, located in Mexico, went to work in the underground mine just as he normally would.

As he went down the ramp during the second shift, the miner lost consciousness and fell to the floor. Fortunately, the miner was wearing his Newtrax-Enabled safety cap lamp which was equipped with the “Man Down” feature.

This Man Down feature has been developed by Newtrax to detect cases of miners collapsing from an injury or health-related issues. If a miner remains motionless for more than 60 seconds, the person’s Newtrax-enabled cap lamp alerts crew members in the vicinity.

If the cap lamp remains still for an additional 30 seconds (90 seconds total), it will send the “Man Down” signal to rescue workers above ground while at the same time notifying team members and vehicles in the area.

This is exactly what happened last month at San Julian when the miner in question fainted while making his way underground. As soon as the surface workers received the alarm through the Newtrax web console, they sent for help.

Newtrax-Enabled Cap Lamp Man Down Feature
Injured Miner was located thanks to the Man Down alert received on surface on the Newtrax Console

Luckily, they were able to pinpoint the location of the injured miner thanks to the Newtrax location tracking system, and a group of contractors in that area was notified to aid him.

The unconscious miner was escorted outside of the mine and to a hospital nearby to get treated,  and was declared stable shortly after.

The Aftermath

The mine’s management and leadership team held a general meeting to discuss the incident a few days later, where they expressed gratitude towards the technology that helped save the life of one of their workers. They came to a consensus that investing in safety technologies was a wise decision, and proved to not only generate a quick ROI, but mostly to save a person’s precious life. It was concluded that the Newtrax-Enabled devices are more than just cap lamps, they are life-saving tools that every miner should carry when underground.

Saving lives is no easy task, and in the event of an evacuation or an injury, it is crucial to be able to locate and communicate with personnel quickly. Newtrax understands the risks that come with with underground mining, and its mission is to reduce them as much as possible to ensure a safe and productive work environment for all miners working underground.

The Newtrax Proximity Warning System

To better understand how Newtrax’s Safety solutions work, take a look at the following video.

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