Newtrax Technologies Inc. awarded U.S Patent for “Tracking of and Communication with Mobile Terminals Using a Battery-Powered Wireless Network Infrastructure”

Montreal, QC – June 30, 2016 — The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded Newtrax Technologies Inc., the leading provider of safety and productivity management systems to the global underground hard rock mining industry, Patent No. 9,351,242 for “Tracking of and Communication With Mobile Terminals Using a Battery-Powered Wireless Network Infrastructure”. The company’s patents on the invention date back to 2007.

The MineHop™ battery-powered wireless network enables machines, people and instruments to remain online at the face while they work, for real-time monitoring of the mining process and short-interval control during the shift. Safety benefits include instant evacuation notification in areas where stench gas takes the longest to reach, man down detection and check-in of men working alone.

“This US patent consolidates our global patent protection for the cornerstone technology of our real-time safety and productivity management system” said Alexandre Cervinka, President & CEO of Newtrax Technologies Inc..

Newtrax’s current portfolio of patents and patents pending internationally (Canada, USA, Mexico, Peru, Chile, South Africa, Russia, China and Australia) include several innovations specific to wireless networking, tracking and proximity warning in underground mines, such as:

  • Context-aware collision avoidance devices and collision avoidance system
  • Post-accident network probe to re-establish communications with isolated sections of underground mines
  • Power management of high-bandwidth wireless mesh network