Real-Time Data from Goldcorp Éléonore's Underground Fleets: Mobile Equipment Telemetry solutions for the Mines of the Future

Goldcorp Eleonore MET Newtrax

In our previous blog post, we highlighted efforts in proximity detection systems being implemented in Goldcorp’s Éléonore mine. Despite being named, and awarded, as one of Canada’s safest mines in 2016, the proximity detection solutions implemented through a partnership with Newtrax Technologies, helped establish and exceed safety benchmarks the following year.

Goldcorp’s partnership with Newtrax did not stop there. Faced with the challenge of managing a mixed fleet of mobile equipment underground, the Éléonore mine implemented Mobile Equipment Telemetry (MET) solutions, the most advanced vehicle telemetry system on the market specifically designed for underground mining fleets.

Equipped with a system that can transmit raw data from sensors on its underground fleet in near real-time, a new horizon had opened up for the mine’s operations management team.

What are MET Solutions?

MET solutions provide underground mining operations with essential data that is pulled directly from mining equipment such as scoops, haul trucks and drill rigs. The capability to access this data in near real-time empowers the Operations team at Éléonore mine to understand the precise manner in which their machines are being used and how well each individual machine is functioning. From these data-driven insights, the Operations team can implement predictive suggestions to increase both productivity and profit for the mine.

What Insights Can you Extract with MET?

Mobile Equipment Telemetry systems can provide large amounts of data to operations. After adoption and implementation, Éléonore management is focusing their data analysis on a few key things.

The key data we started observing was related to the diagnostics of the vehicles,” says Luc St-Arnaud, Manager of Strategy and Improvement at Éléonore mine. “The mechanical diagnostics, tire pressure monitoring, engine data, and engine maintenance to name a few.”

The first level of Mobile Equipment Telemetry solutions enables the team to begin to understand the performance of a specific vehicle compared to its operational usage.

“And then we go to the next level,” says St-Arnaud, “which is the integration for a fleet type. Take Scoops for example. What has been the overall availability and utilization of our fleet of scoops? And then we go to the next level, which is for our entire fleet, from the scoop trends to trucks and services vehicle.  This helps us manage different activities, including scheduling and sequencing of fleet maintenance.”

Benefits at Éléonore

Mobile equipment monitoring at the mine has immediate effects in the operation’s financial bottom line. These innovations allow for fleet optimization, less surprising downtime per vehicle, and time-saving operational workflows throughout the mine.

MET solutions enable further real-time monitoring of operational performance and health of different vehicles on their fleet.

The innovations being implemented at Éléonore, including MET solutions and proximity detection, are indications of Goldcorp’s drive to be on the forefront of the digital transformation that is taking place in the mining industry.