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Newtrax is Presenting at Mines & Technology 2018 in Toronto


Newtrax is presenting at Mines & Technology 2018 in Toronto on October 16 at 2:15 pm, come and join us for an exciting discussion on Artificial Intelligence


Best Practices for a Safe Underground Evacuation


Newtrax recently spoke to Michael Place, Unit Manager at Gold Fields’ Granny Smith mine, about the best practices to follow during emergency evacuations. Michael has spearheaded the implementation of the Newtrax Evacuation Notification system at Granny Smith, and will be speaking about the benefits of this digital system at the upcoming IMARC 2018 conference in Melbourne.


Will underground mining replace surface mining in the future?


Newtrax discusses the future of mining being underground and how their pioneering work of eliminates the current digital divide between surface mines and underground mines to make operations safer, environmentally sustainable and more profitable.


Using Technology to Increase Safety during Mine Evacuations


Through the Newtrax enabled-cap lamp technology, mines are able to improve one of the biggest challenges underground mining operations deal with: the visibility of events happening underground from the surface when monitoring an evacuation situation. Newtrax tech improves:
1. Safety
2. Performance
3. Profitability


The Future of Mine Safety and Profitability through Data Collection


Mines have started digitizing their fleets and collecting data.  This is where data contextualization comes in. Through the fleet and network agnostic systems at Newtrax, the data collected can be connected and contextualized.  Louis-Pierre explains “Being able to have the full context of any data will bring more possibilities. Using trends and algorithms trained by multiple mines to predict events in any given mine.”


How Big Data is Solving Three of Mining’s Biggest Challenges


Big Data from Industrial IoT systems in underground mines is more accessible than ever before. Thousands of sensors can now automatically upload millions of data points, revealing potential insights that were previously unattainable.


Newtrax Celebrates 10 years of Servicing the Underground Mining Industry


Newtrax celebrates ten years of servicing the underground mining industry.  Over the past ten years we have seen remarkable growth, and as we celebrate this milestone it’s important to reflect on how far we have come.


Newtrax is Attending Diggers and Dealers Conference 2018


Newtrax is attending Mines and Money Asia 2018 in Hong Kong, China from April 3 to April 6 2018


Australian Underground Mines Leading in Technology?


We spoke to Simon Waghorn, VP APAC at Newtrax, about the opportunity for underground mining technology to really boom in the Australian market, where technology adoption is high compared to the rest of the world.


Newtrax heads to Europe and the Middle East with the help of Charlie Forrest


After 15 years of implementing technology solutions in various mining operations to improve productivity and safety underground, Charlie Forrest heads to Europe to establish Newtrax in the region