Hardware Quality Assurance Analyst

In your role, you will engage in a wide variety of tasks to help the Hardware team develop the Quality Hardware products our customers expect for Digital Safety and Productivity. During the product development, early involvement of the HW Quality Assurance Analyst is the key for ensuring the quality attributes and compliance with technical specifications of the solutions offered to our clients. Through the deep understanding of the system, the Quality Assurance Analyst is a centric resource in the team for identifying potential problems and evaluating their impact on the whole system. Methodical and rigorous test techniques allow the Quality Assurance Analyst to achieve reproducible and scalable activities.



The Hardware QA Analyst represents the customer during all stages of development of Hardware products by declaring complete (or derogated) each step of the New Product Integration Process (NPI). For example, the HW QA analyst is responsible to ensure he/she tests each artefact below or ensures it has been tested by either a specialized team member or subcontractor:

  • End-user functionalities of the device
  • Ruggedness for underground mining
  • Mechanical design and 3D CAD files
  • Molding process and materials for mass production of enclosures
  • Overall ergonomics for mining
  • Design for (mass) manufacturing (DFM): availability of parts, approved vendors, part numbering
  • Review all instructions: PCB assembly, mechanical assembly, PCB testing, final unit testing, packaging, and more
  • Power consumption test: charge/discharge durations; number of cycles of the lifecycle of the battery
  • Protection circuit of batteries
  • Lumens test for lamps
  • RF tests (in collaboration with RF specialists)
  • Environmental testing (in house and in lab): drop tests, shock tests, temperature, aging, immersion, corrosion and more
  • Completeness of field trials
  • Review documentation: installation manual, troubleshooting manual
  • Review packaging

Other tasks to be performed by the HW QA Analyst

  • Understand the different expected quality levels depending on the phase: 3d-printed, prototype #1, …, pre-production batch, field trial batch, 1st production batch
  • Contribute to improving the NPI process in view of Quality and predictable development
  • Own, update, and improve set of QA checklists (mechanical, PCB, usability, manufacturability, environmental tests, repair-ability, reliability, durability, more.
  • Document all reviews/testing and results
  • Accurately recording defects found
  • Contribute to auditing of outsourced manufacturing including offshore Quality Control
  • Help investigate and reproduce customer issues
  • Recommend corrective actions


  • Relevant experience in Hardware New Product Development and processes
  • Demonstrated ability to adapt to new environments, learn new technologies quickly and be a team player with a positive entrepreneurial spirit
  • Working knowledge of Agile and Scrum methodologies (asset)
  • General IT knowledge (asset)
  • Experience within the mining industry (asset)


  • Clear communication skills
  • Versatile; curious; creative, ability to think outside the box
  • Self starter and autonomous
  • Not shy to ask questions; Assertive + collaborative: team player while standing your ground
  • Pre-emptively find issues
  • Comfortable with complex projects
  • Comfortable with handling many projects in parallel
  • Ability to adapt in a fast-paced development environment
  • Able to face occasional high-stress deadlines
  • Ability to travel occasionally to customer sites
  • Methodical, organized and responsive

Please apply directly at jobs@newtrax.com