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Know the location of your mobile equipment
in real-time

all the time.

Control the water level in your underground mine Remotely and automatically

Control the water level in your underground mine remotely

and automatically.


Measure production KPIs
without operator input

from the face.


Rely on a Proximity Warning System that generates

0 false alarms.


Accelerate mine-wide evacuation & rescue

but effectively.


Ensure lone workers are safe
with regular check-ins through

Personal Safety Devices.

Tailored underground mining Safety and Productivity solutions

Saucito, Fresnillo PLC’s highest growing mining operation, has introduced Newtrax’s MineProx proximity warning system and MineTrax asset tracking system to increase safety and productivity underground.

The MineHop™ system at Barrick Cortez saves time and money, while ensuring that the Mine Engineers and Geologists get the data they need to properly plan for safe and efficient operations.

“The only solution that made sense for us was Newtrax”
– Baldomero Gutierrez, CIO Fresnillo plc.


— and growing —


“It allows us to save time, and in the end that leads to cost savings. At Barrick Cortez, we have over 200 wells and piezometers that need monitoring.”
– Jeremiah Larocque, Mine Geologist

Why Choose Newtrax ?

Newtrax Technologies Inc., based in Montreal, Canada, is a leading provider of safety, productivity and analytics solutions to the global underground hard rock mining industry.  We enable underground hard rock mines to measure KPIs they were not able to measure before, in real-time, to enable short-interval control of operations during the shift. This includes real-time KPIs for drills, with coverage all the way to the face, and a full-suite of KPIs without operator input using passive data collection.

Newtrax’s solutions are based on the company’s flagship products, the MineHop™ battery-powered wireless multihop network and MineProx™ adhoc peer-to-peer network. Purpose-built to fill the gaps in existing communications systems in underground mines, the networks can cover all parts of the mining process, including the face, which enables real-time identification of productivity bottlenecks and provide early warnings of safety, health and environmental hazards.

Newtrax’s focus on mining began in 2009 and the company’s main market is mid-sized and large underground hard rock mines. Our customers include 50+ of the largest producers of gold, silver, platinum, copper, zinc, and other base metals on all 5 continents.

Newtrax is committed to unlocking the true potential of your mining operations by translating your data into actionable insights. Our core focus is on Safety and Productivity of underground hard rock mines with an emphasis on simplicity, robustness and efficiency in our solutions. Behind our name stands a team of specialists having more than 40 years of combined experience in mining, technology, engineering and intelligent systems with a relentless drive for customer value. With reliable, industry-proven solutions deployed in the four corners of the world, Newtrax continues to push the boundaries of innovation to ensure our customers achieve peak performance in the safest environment.

  • We are a focused, and provide simple solutions built specifically for underground hard rock mining
  • We are agile, dynamic,  and fast responding
  • We provide a structured and repeatable service delivery model
  • We offer a structured and repeatable 24/7 support model
  • We possess the appropriate technology to drive performance
  • We have a track record of successfully delivering and supporting systems in remote locations